New York Governor Orders Residents to Wear Face Masks in Public

New Yorkers Start New Habit
New Yorkers Start New Habit

Modern problems require modern solutions. The death rates have reached 31,000, and it very well seems the central element in the post – virus life is face masks.

Governor Andrew Cuomo gave a strict order to the people of New York. He instructs New Yorkers should wear face masks or mouth/nose covering in public where social distancing is not possible and orders all to wear in public transport, subways and markets.

The order is likely to be issued on Saturday after a three-day notice to allow compliance for them to get the required elements.

” If you are going to be in a situation, in public, where you come in contact with other people in a situation that is not socially distanced, you must have a mask or a cloth covering nose and mouth” Governor explained.

“The state is going towards a new normal, and we are reopening to a different place” – he added.

One-third of the nation have confirmed COVID cases, and 2,000 cases are confirmed in the state each day. The economy can only rebound if a vaccine is found for the contagion which said will take more than a year.

A civil penalty would be issued to people who do not abide by the order and stated: ” You are not going to jail for not wearing a mask”.