Nick Jonas reveals the theme of his NEW ALBUM, “These three songs all explore the theme DISTANCE”!

Nick Jonas, who has recently conquered the media attention with his new album “Spaceman.” All Jonas’ fans caused a hullabaloo with the release of video snippet of the “Spaceman” days before the launch of the full album. Also, the official sale of “Spaceman Merch” was yet another successful venture recently launched by Nick Jonas.

Recently, Jonas took to his Instagram page to draw a detailed image of the theme of his songs in his new album.

Nick Jonas’s NEW ALBUM deals with ‘Loss’ and ‘Grief’!

“We’ve all experienced some form of loss, and likewise some form of grief over the past year. Distance became a universal woe for everyone and led us to ask ourselves – How can we shorten this newly required separation from one another? The first three songs on the album are #DontGiveUpOnUs, #Heights, and #Spaceman. These three songs all explore the theme DISTANCE and how it’s now become such a big part of all our lives,” posted the singer.

Nick Jonas in 'Spaceman'
Nick Jonas in ‘Spaceman’

There is no one in the world who haven’t experienced the pain of loss and the suffocation of grief. Hence Nick Jonas have opted these emotions as the underlying theme of his new album. The first three songs “Dont Give Up On Us,”Heights,” and “Spaceman” deals with the universal theme of ‘distance’ and ‘separation.’ Being an inevitable element of one’s life, the theme of distance, separation, loss and grief is indeed highly relatable according to Jonas’s perspective.

Nick Jonas, the singer
Nick Jonas, the singer

He had openly admitted that the isolation during COVID-19 pandemic was the true inspiration behind the birth of ”Spaceman.”

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‘What’s the one thing that all of us have felt during this time?’ It’s just completely disconnected from the world,” Jonas said. “We’ve gotten so accustomed to looking at a screen instead of human interaction, and I think the thing that keeps us all encouraged and hopeful is just the idea of knowing that there will be a tomorrow when this isn’t our reality, and I think the body of work as a whole tracks that.”

Watch the song ”Spaceman’ below.

Spaceman by Nick Jonas
Spaceman by Nick Jonas

Released on March 12, 2021 through Island, The album “Spaceman” marks the first solo release of the singer since Last Year Was Complicated and the first solo project to be released since the reunion of the Jonas Brothers in 2019.

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