Nick Jonas says that his fans would have a “BIG NEWS TOMORROW”!

In the wake of the releasing of his brand new single “Spaceman,” Nick Jonas is up with more surprises. Recently, he shared a small video snippet of “Spaceman” which made his fans restless to the core. Soon after the release of this video snippet, his fans are anxiously anticipating the release of “Spaceman,” which is scheduled on 25th February 2021!

Of late, the singer took to his Instagram post to announce yet another enthralling info about the release of his upcoming single, which in turn paved its way to a barrage of questions. The statement “big news for tomorrow,” posted by the singer opened doors towards a number of skeptical questionnaires concerning the release of “Spaceman.”

Nick Jonas’ “Spaceman” to be released shortly!

“Not much longer now… Can’t wait to hear what you guys think after Spaceman launches tomorrow at 12pm ET. Might have some more big news for you tomorrow too,” posted the singer.

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This means that the “big news” that he is about to blast is concerned with nothing else but the release of “Spaceman.” The new single which is about to pop in a couple of hours is considered as one of the most-awaited ones in his career as a singer.

nick jonas singing live concerts
nick jonas singing live concerts

The singer also expressed his anxiety over the release of his new single and is also curious to know the reactions of his fans. And it is in this context that he has commented that even we might have some big news for tomorrow once the song is officially made out into the air.

With eagerness to its fullest and impatience at its peak, the world awaits!

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