M.Night Shyamalan wrote about his Daughter’s UpcomingMusic Video “Clarity”

American filmmaker and philanthropist M.Night Shyamalan is looking forward to his daughter’s upcoming music video “Clarity”. 

Saleka Night will release her first single music video for “Clarity” directed by her sister Ishana Night Shyamalan on September 9. In advance M.Night Shyamalan wrote on Twitter, “I’m super tough on my daughters.

Watch M Night Shyamalan’s Daughter’s Music Video Here

I demand a lot of them as artists and as people. My daughter @SalekaNight is releasing her first song and music video “Clarity” on Wednesday September 9th!”

Saleka is a classically trained Indian-American musician, started playing piano at the age of four. Salekawas raised on an eclectic combination of music from Bollywood movies and the melodies of her mother’s favorite Indian folk songs and also from Frank Sinatra and Etta James to Kanye West and Lauryn Hill. 

Shyamalan is known for making films with contemporary supernatural plot and twists endings directed the movies Praying with Anger, Wide Awake, The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Signs, and The Village. He was nominated for the Academy Award for the Best Director and Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. His latest movie “Old” coming to Theaters On July 2021, which is one of the most awaited project.

Saleka Night also shared words about her upcoming music video on Instagram. She wrote “I can’t even believe that I’m writing this, but I want to share with you all that I am releasing my first song and music video this Wednesday, September 9th. It’s a long time coming… I’ve been working on this album for about 2 years, and now I’m finally starting to release the music.


This first single is called “Clarity” and I made it with two incredible producers (who also happen to be my friends) Ezemdi and Warner Earl Meadows, and with the amazing guitar and bass skills of Brahm Genzlinger, and of course my rock Joel Metzler who engineered every moment of this project….

Saleka currently resides with her family, and will release her first album which she describes as “a journal, with insecurities and fears all laid out.”

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