No Game No Life Season 2 On 2020?

No Game No Life: An Entire Story Set Revolving A Game

No Game No Life follows a group of human gamers seeking to beat the god of games. They are trying to do so at a series of board games in order to usurp the god’s throne. While the premise of the show might sound extremely outlandish, the anime creators have managed to pull it off and made it extremely riveting.

The season 1 of the series no game no life was released in 2014. As per the spokesperson of the production team of series, there is no news of season 2 of the series. The main characters of the show include a  Sora an eighteen-year-old male is a prodigy in making strategies while his eleven-year-old stepsister, Shiro, excels at calculations and logic. Together, the teens form the undefeated gaming identity Blank. 

No Game No Life
No Game No Life

After their parents passed away, the two no longer had emotional ties to society. Every time the two are separated from each other, they begin to suffer panic attacks. Stephanie Dola a teenage girl and granddaughter to the previous king of Elkia. 

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Elkie rules the nation inhabited by humans. Stephanie has a lot of knowledge but lacks the intuition to win games. In addition to this, her grandfather was infamously known for losing games and giving up Elkia’s land. Hence, young Stephanie strives to restore the honour of her grandfather and humanity.

No Game No Life is an absolutely amazing and unique story because the entire conflict is resolved through games. There is a little action which is presented greatly. If you like the concept of games and adventure and isekai , then you would love the anime. The Mc is really smart and strategic. This is not a masterpiece because the character development is quite minor because Mc is overpowered from the start and the first episode is hard to digest. 

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