No more support for Dash Wand barcode scanner says Amazon

Amazon said Dash Wand barcode scanner would no longer be supported as of July 21. Amazon is ending support for its Dash Wand, an Alexa-enabled device. Shoppers can still use other Alexa-enabled devices to add items to a shopping list, the company noted.

Dash Wand barcode scanner

The Amazon Dash Wand, a Wi-Fi-connected barcode scanner and voice command device, used to reorder consumer goods around the house, integrating with AmazonFresh. Amazon Virtual Dash Buttons, which mimic the appearance and function of physical Dash Buttons, but display on Amazon’s website and some smart devices with displays.

Design of Dash Wand barcode scanner

The Dash Wand is a slightly smaller and simpler redesign of the original and oft-forgotten Amazon Dash voice-enabled barcode scanner: a 5.6-inch flat cylinder rubbery-black and half gloss white.

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New additions include a hook on the top for hanging, along with magnets on the back for sticking to your fridge. Where the older unit had two buttons, the Wand has a single button surrounded by an LED ring for activating Alexa and a speaker for feedback.

Dash Wand will become electronic waste

The only significant difference between the Dash and the Dash Wand is that the Wand uses Alexa for voice recognition, while the Dash had its proprietary voice recognition system. The Dash Wand will become electronic waste at the beginning of July 21, 2020. Amazon states that the previous functions can also use via all other Echo devices.

No support for Dash Wand barcode scanner
No support for Dash Wand barcode scanner

Besides, the recycling program also mentioned again to recycle useless equipment. If you have one, you can de-register it from your Amazon account under the “manage content and devices” section. Dash Wand, check out Amazon’s recycling program for disposing of.

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