Noel Miller the YouTube star engaged to girlfriend Aleena: ‘My love and support’

Youtuber Noel Miller has announced his engagement with girlfriend Aleena. The lovebugs via Instagram and showed off Aleena’s ring- on Oct.13. 

Noel Miller, 31, revealed the exciting news in an Instagram post on Oct,13 by sharing a photo of himself and his fiancee, Aleena. In the picture the engagement ring is seen well and as she is cupping his face with her left hand to show off her gorgeous ring.

Watch the Love Story of Noel and Aleena

“My love and support since day one. I’ve been waiting long time for this Noel,  penned I love you”

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Sharing some similar snaps Aleena wrote, “ Worth the wait I Love you.” The couple has been in relation since before he became a social media sensation back in 2014, hence the engagement was a long time coming.

Noel’s Fans comments

After the announcement fans just gushed to comment for the pairs with congratulatory messages. Youtuber Kurtis Conner added “ congrats dude”. Another person wrote, “ Guys Noel Miller proposed to his girlfriend….omg he’s gonna get married I’m crying.” and  someone else lauded NOEL MILLER AND ALEENA ARE ENGAGED OMG YAY.”

Previously opening up about their first date Miller recalled “ The first date was amazing.”

Noel and Aleena
Noel and Aleena

Miller started his Youtube career in 2015 via Vine and now has a Youtube account with more than 2 million subscribers. In Spite of making viral videos, he is also a member of the rap duo Tiny Meat Gang, alongside Cody Ko. Moreover, he is also famous for his stand up comedy. 

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