North West Kardashian,7, Shares her Advice To Make The World Better

The adorable seven-year-old daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West took the sweetest selfie on her mom’s phone. Later it was shared at Instagram with an Advice from the 7-year-old girl to make the world better.

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In the pic, North just gazed at the camera wearing a fuzzy grey jacket and a silver necklace, which read ‘Lil Cardi.’ North lets her long natural tresses cascaded past her shoulders and the youngster looks perfect.

The Instagram post was captioned as “POV: You’re Kim’s phone 📲 “I would make everybody love each other and make coronavirus go away and make everyone have more dogs” North West offers her solution for making the world a better place in the upcoming issue of CR hitting newsstands this Friday.” The caption concludes teasing fans read this Friday, October 9!. 


Kim is so proud of her eldest, as she had shared the images at her Instagram story twice.

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On a recent snap, the seven-year-old North flashed the biggest smile ever when she posed for an adorable family snap with mom, dad, and little brother Saint, 4. All the four posed in matching monochromatic outfits for the snap as they sat on the steps of what appeared to be a beach house. North rocked a long-sleeved grey sweater and matching pants, as she pulled her long, curly locks into two pigtails and smiled brightly showing off her teeth.

A Family snap
A Family snap

The cute smile had impressed the viewers as many of them poured there love at comment section.

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