Obama’s Former Photographer Pete Souza throws A Light On President’s Official Briefcase To Be Archived Historical

President Barack Obama
President Barack Obama

Pete Souza, a former white house photographer under President Obama, a man who documented almost every impactful moment of Obama’s presidency, continues to post images to his Instagram account. 

Although pictures may be worth a thousand words, in the Instagram age, it is often the image depicted and the few words accompanying them that tell the real story. 

Pete Souza, the former White House Photographer during the eight-year tenure of President Barack Obama. Knows that all too well. Pete who accompanied Obama around the world and maintained unprecedented access to the 44th president of the US acted as a fly on the wall. 

Souza captured nearly two million images of a president upholding the gravity of the office. His images often speak for themselves. Hence he took to Instagram to post archival, nostalgic images from the years of the Obama administration, capturing the official duties of the West Wing he throws a light on the President’s Bubble captioned the post with “ Inside the Presidential Bubble.  

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Showing a pic of a leather briefcase he says “ An occasional series of photographs, The premise being that in addition to photographing President Obama, I often turned my camera on what it was like to be inside the bubble of the presidency without necessarily showing the president himself. 

Amid recollections of the peaks and valleys of the Obama administration- “ I thought the picture of the president’s briefcase would be interesting for the historical archive. Imagine if we had a photograph like this for every President. Pete continued “ The President usually placed his briefcase next to the Resolute Desk where it stayed throughout the day. It contained his briefing book for the day as well as other memos, folders notes, and speeches he was working on. He would work alone after dinner. Then he had to carry it to work the next morning and take out action memos and papers he was done with, handling them off to his personal aide who distributes them accordingly.” 

Pete Souza has worked for two Presidents, and he took some of the Obama administration’s most iconic photographs, but most people who’ve heard of him are through Instagram.