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The Major Concern – Ohio Unemployment

Ohio unemployment is huge concern for people who work all types of jobs in the state of Ohio. As of Saturday, December the 26th, a total of 664,668 cases of coronavirus pandemic infections have been reported in Ohio ever since the pandemic began, which leads to 8,476 deaths and 36,513 hospitalizations. Last week’s numbers were around 38,000 and the week before that was 38,000. This shows that after a gradual decrease, the numbers had started to increase again as new layoffs took place amid the rising covid-19 numbers.  Ohio’s Department of Health has released two days’ worth of case numbers Saturday. 

As of 2016, Ohio’s median household income is $52,334 and 14.6% of the population is below the poverty line. The manufacturing and financial activities sectors each compose 18.3% of Ohio’s GDP. Ohio has the third largest manufacturing workforce behind California and Texas. Ohio has the largest bio-science sector in the Midwest. And is a national leader in the “green” economy. It’s also the largest producer in the country of plastics, rubber, fabricated metals, electrical equipment, and appliances. About 5,212,000 Ohioans are currently employed by wages.

Job Board in Ohio

Unemployment benefits
Unemployment benefits

Having said this it’s quite clear that Ohio has like others have got a huge hit on the employment sector due to the coronavirus pandemic. This year has been tougher on Ohioans with the unemployment rate being 5.6% as of October 2020, down again from the rate which was 8.3% in September.  The state of Ohio had created a job board to help the group of newly unemployed Ohioans find new jobs at essential businesses responding to the coronavirus pandemic.

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The job board features more than 11,900 jobs in critical areas including hospitals, grocery stores, pharmacies, manufacturing, distribution, and more. This new job board comes online, as the unemployment claims continue to rise in Ohio and all across the nation. The US labor department reported Wednesday that the number of people filing for jobless benefits decreased by 89,000 from an increased number of 803,000 two weeks back. Due to the Christmas holidays, the state did not release the case numbers on Friday.

What the leaders say

As soon as you become unemployed you need to file a claim for benefits. You can file weekly or biweekly unemployment claims in Ohio. In a briefing before Christmas regarding the pandemic, Governor Mike DeWine said that the state determined the next groups who will receive the vaccines. Meanwhile Lt. Governor John Husted said, “If you are in a position to work, we encourage you to go online and get one of the jobs even if it’s just part-time. They would really, really need you to help out at this time.” 

He was referring to the daily general works to be done amid the pandemic. For example in Columbus, Ohio-health has positions for nurses, patient support assistants, lab professionals, medical assistants, and environmental services associates. “Target” has job openings for the first-line supervisors, maintenance and repair workers, cashiers, and retail salespeople. Gov. Husted said, “It’s critical that the few who can work, step in and do so for the many who need you at this time.

3.2 million Americans filed unemployment benefits
3.2 million Americans filed unemployment benefits

He said many employers are offering wage premiums to attract workers. But the wages and skill levels of the jobs available “vary greatly”, he acknowledged, and in some cases, unemployment benefits pay more than some of the jobs offered. Some of them were offering a 30% bonus to come work for them. Gov.Husted said, “I think that these employers are adjusting to the pressures of the marketplace, albeit government-created pressure. People are struggling to get back to normal life as the pandemic has brought the economy down to a huge level. 

Lost Wages Assistance in Ohio

Ohio had been approved to distribute weekly $300 Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) payments to eligible individuals who were fully or partially unemployed, or working reduced hours under a SharedWork Ohio Plan, because of Covid-19 for weeks ending August 1 through September 5, this year. Unemployment compensation was subject to both Federal and State Income Taxes, but not Ohio local taxes as it is not earned income.

Ohio Unemployment
Ohio Unemployment

However, when applying, the only choices for withdrawing are no withholding or 10% withholding at the federal level. There is no option to withhold Ohio taxes. Congress passed a bill in March 2020 called the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) which is intended to support workers who would not otherwise be eligible for Unemployment Insurance. The types of workers targeted by the PUA program include freelancers, part-time “gig-workers”, and those who are self-employed. To qualify this bill workers must certify that they are unable to work due to one or several conditions related to the coronavirus pandemic. This program was introduced as part of the Covid-19 Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act by the Congress. 

This PUA program authorized eligible individuals to receive PUA up to 39 weeks, through the end of December 2020. The most you can receive each week is $480 if you have dependents, and you may be entitled to a higher benefit payment. Normally you may receive the benefits for a maximum of 26 weeks, although the federal CARES Act provides for an additional 13 weeks as well through the end of 2020.

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