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    Outlander season 6: The Jamie-Claire relationship to attain fruition? Here’s a new rival!

    The romantic couple ever seen on screen! With the five seasons of long journey embellished with love, both in past and future tense as well as a series of sword fights, Jamie and Claire has conquered the hearts of their fans worldwide! Now what next? Shall we witness more of their chemistry in the upcoming season ,‘Outlander Season 6’? The rumors about a new rival to challenge the fruition of Jamie-Claire duo has left the fans on tenterhooks. Let us read out more on this.

    Jamie and Claire hot
    Jamie and Claire hot

    The actors,Caitriona Balfe(playing the role of Claire) and Sam Heughan (playing the role of Jamie) has come up with a revelation about their on-set chemistry. According to the recent statements, ‘Outlander season 6’ will see Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan reprise their roles as Claire and Jamie Fraser as the couple face more trouble on the Ridge. As the cast and crew prepare to get back on set, Caitriona has spoken about her friendship with co-star Sam.

    Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan have starred alongside one another since Outlander hit television screens in 2014 and have been firm friends ever since. Claire Fraser star Caitriona has spoken about how lucky she is to work alongside Sam and how he always has her back when they’re filming together.

    Showrunner Maril Davis has previously teased fans the love between Jamie and Claire “deepens” as they support one another.

    On screen chemistry of Jamie and Claire
    On screen chemistry of Jamie and Claire

    Caitriona laughed: “I could just slag him off but I won’t. It’s been such an amazing thing, we clicked instantly.

    “For whatever reason, we are very different people but we have a similarity in how we approach certain things in our lives.

    “Definitely how we approach work is very different and very similar.

    Outlander Season 6: Here’s a new challenge for Jamie and Claire!

    This particular comment from Claire herself has opened a wide panorama of possibilities about the positive outcome of the passionate chemistry between the duo in ‘Outlander Season 6’. Also, Outlander Season 6 will see Caitriona’s character Claire lean on Jamie for support after she was sexually assaulted in the series five finale, deepening their bond further.

    But keeping aside Captain Randall, will there be a new rival for the couple? Here is a few surmises on the new rival for Jamie-Claire pair!

    Jamie, Claire and Randall
    Jamie, Claire and Randall

    The character of Brianna Fraser and her unexpected entry has got a lot to do with the lives of Jamie and Claire. The truth that she has got a half brother William prompts her to travel back in time in season 5 finale. In the penultimate episode of season five, Jamie (Sam Heughan) sat down with Brianna and explained how he came to be William’s father.Brianna was shocked but agreed to look up her younger brother when she returned to the 20th Century given that he had recently become the Ninth Earl of Ellesmere.

    Given that Brianna has not travelled in time, she may be given the chance to meet William, and when she does, she might decide he deserves to know the truth about his parentage.Fans are aware Brianna believed Frank Randall (Tobias Menzies) was her biological father for almost 20 years before Claire revealed the truth.

    Dad moments of Jamie and Brianna
    Dad moments of Jamie and Brianna

    It wasn’t until after Frank had died and the mother and daughter made the trip to Scotland that Claire revealed who Jamie was.Brianna was reluctant to believe her mother at first and rejected her claims believing her to be delusional.However, she eventually believed Claire and even traveled back in time to warn her parents of their impending death. It was tough for Brianna and Jamie to form a bond at first, however, they’ve slowly come to love and respect one another.

    Will Brianne and Jamie mend their father-daughter relationship? Can Claire be successful in this venture? For this you have to wait a bit longer as hopefully these questions may be answered in ‘Outlander Season 6’! The world awaits!

    Navya Rose
    Navya Rose
    Navya Rose is a Post Graduate in English language and literature. She is a voracious reader, logophilic, a wordsmith and an ardent lover of verbal creation.

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