Outlander season 6:Jamie to appear as ghost?The supernatural elements are exposed!

What will you do if you are given a chance to travel back and forth in time? This is well written and answered through the eponymous time-travel series ‘Outlander’ and that is what makes it so different from all other series of its time. After successfully completing five seasons, the show is getting renewed for yet another Brobdingnagian segment ‘Outlander season 6’! Rumors about Jamie’s ghost in the upcoming season getting a new dimension have made the fans restless. Well, here’s the answer to this.

Having witness all sorts of extremities, be it violence, sex, bloodshed or warfare, the outlanders shall now get a golden opportunity to witness something spooky. Yes! The ‘Outlander season 6’ shall be taking us through the life of Jamie as ghost though he has made a subtle appearance back in season 1.If you have forgot this particular scene, where Jamie made his maiden ghost appearance let us have a quick revisit.

The 'Outlander' fame 'Caitríona Balfe' expressed her gratitude after getting nominated for Satellite Awards 2021
The ‘Outlander’ fame ‘Caitríona Balfe’ expressed her gratitude after getting nominated for Satellite Awards 2021

In the first ever episode of Outlander, the ghost of Jamie Fraser (played by Sam Heughan) could be seen watching future wife Claire (Caitriona Balfe) who was at her hotel window. Claire’s husband Frank Randall (Tobias Menzies) spotted the highlander watching her and went to approach him. But Jamie’s ghost didn’t acknowledge Frank and instead walked past him before disappearing. Frank was baffled by his vision as was Claire when she heard what had happened. While Claire appears to have forgotten about what Frank told her, viewers have not and have been busy speculating ever since about how the ghost came to be in Inverness in the 20th Century.

Jamie's ghost and supernatural elements exposed in Outlander Season 6
Jamie’s ghost and supernatural elements exposed in Outlander Season 6

Outlander Season 6: Theories about Jamie’s ghost has left the fans bemused!

A number of theories have been developed in this context trying to offer a satisfactory explanation to the fans who are wondering if Jamie died at the Battle of Culloden and his ghost is looking for Claire. Many believe that Jamie and Claire are part of a continuous loop with the highlander always returning to pull Claire back to the 18th Century.

'Outlander' Holiday Specials
‘Outlander’ Holiday Specials

Also, a new suggestion has emerged with fans thinking Claire and Jamie will live to an old age with the highlander’s ghost then searching for his wife.

“Jamie lived after Culloden, maybe he and Claire died peacefully together until they’re 90 years old.

“Then they’re both dead, but she still will be born in the year 19-whatever and be alive in the future so Jamie’s spirit goes to see her on the night she time traveled for the first time.”-states yet another fan!

The crew has begun the filming process for ‘Outlander Season 6’. Let’s wait and watch to know more facts about the supernatural world of Outlanders!

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