Overload Season 4 has confirmed a possible release date? Here’s a happy news for the fans!

Being one of the most well-known Japanese anime streaming on Netflix, ‘Overload’ is all set to release its upcoming segment. Yes, ‘Overload Season 4’ shall soon see the daylight. The recent reports had juxtaposed the thoughts about ‘Overload Season 4’ being canceled on one side and not on the other side. But now the dashed hopes of the fans are getting enlightened once more.

Overlord, the Anime series has always surprised its fans with its dark fantasy from worldwide. The latest updates announced that Overlord season 4 is awaiting its launch this year. The end of Overlord Season 3 in 2019, left a long-lasting, memorable impression on the fans. Now its the wait for Overload season 4 and it is to attain fruition soon. But when? Let’s find out.

Overload Season 4 Possible release date
Overload Season 4 Possible release date

Overlord is a Japanese anime based on the Japanese Dark Fantasy novel series of the same name. The first season comprising of 13 episodes premiered on September 29, 2015. It was followed by two more seasons of 13 episodes each. The third season ended on October 2, 2018, and from then the fans are wondering why there is no sequel.

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Overload Season 4: More about trailer and release date is out now!

During AnimagiC 2019 in Germany, Kugane Maruyama, so-bin, and Overlord anime scriptwriter Yukie Sugawara were guests of honor. During the Overlord panel, the fourth season of the anime series was discussed. While Maruyama had no comment, Sugawara told convention attendees that it was “extremely likely” that the fourth season would be produced in the future.

Overload Season 4 trailer
Overload Season 4 trailer

Considering the above statement, there is no denying that Overlord season 4 will happen very soon. Some unverified reports claim that season 4 is already in production, and as per these reports one can expect ‘Overlord Season 4’ by July 2021. In the worst case, it will get pushed to 2022. Just a wild guess!

Also the expected Cast of ‘Overload Season 4’ is as follows:
Satoshi Hino as Momonga
Ainz, Yumi Hara as Albedo
Sumire Uesaka as Shalltear Bloodfallen
Manami Numakura as Narberal Gamma
Masayuki Katou as Demiurge.

It seems that the ‘overload’ fans will have to wait a bit longer until an official announcement is made. Stay tuned!

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