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PACI Kuwait may refer to Civil id form submission office, Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) has launched the Kuwait Finder Project as part of the GIS program in PACI. Learn how can we upload our details for Visa.

Indians in Kuwait, who does not hold a valid residency permit in the country, are forced to leave the country following the amnesty scheme of Kuwait government. The Kuwaitian authorities received more than 3000 applications from the Indian workers for leaving the country without any penalty.

PACI Kuwait Civil Identity Information and Renewal Online: Watch the steps

The civil identity card information includes the public ID number, full name, date of birth, local address, blood type, sponsor’s name, type of visa, and card expiration date. Civil ID number is unique for each resident. It remains the same even if the owner changes sponsors or return to Kuwait after an extended stay outside the country. The algorithm of the civil ID number includes the birthday of the owner.

Check Kuwait Visa Validity Online

Even if the eVisa is original, it may still not be valid. For example, in the following circumstances, the holder has entered Kuwait using their eVisa, left once, and wishes to re-enter the country. The Kuwait eVisa is for a single entry only. Travelers returning to Kuwait must apply for another visa. 90 days have passed. The Kuwait eVisa expires after this time. In this case, a new permit must use.

PACI Kuwait Application:

New application launched by PACI Kuwait On April 2020 ‘ID mobile Kuwait.’ A few months back Ministry of Interior Cancelled Printing of residency stickers on Passports, so all your information will be printed on your Civil ID, which will use while traveling to prove your Residency in Kuwait. The Name on your civil id should match your Name on your passport. If the Name not paired, you will not allow traveling. The application is self-serving or by receiving PACI Kuwait bureau.

Digital alternative:

Application is a digital alternative to the tangible ID-card mid current circumstances related to novel coronavirus pandemic. The application is useful to those not get their real IDs and applied ID via PACI website.

Apply ID in PACI:

A civil identity card or a civil ID card, also called bitaqa-almadaniyah, is a requirement for all Kuwait residents, regardless of age. Residents are required to apply for their Civil ID card within 30 days of receiving their residency visas. Go to the PACI office in Farwaniyak for first-time applicants on work or dependent permit and lost card replacement. Use the application form and special envelop from “Express-Envelope” machines located in Coop supermarkets (250 fils) for civil ID change or renewal, and the first-time applicants for a document’s servant’s public ID, and babies born in Kuwait. Follow the instructions in the form and submit them to the individual machines.

PACI Kuwait Civil ID
PACI Kuwait Civil ID

Documents needed:

  • Passport
  • Photocopy of passport pages showing personal details and residence stamp
  • Security clearance or fingerprinting for age over 16 years old
  • Original birth certificate for those born in Kuwait
  • Blood group certificate
  • Proof of house address (rent agreement or receipts)
  • Declaration signed by sponsors

For Babies, required documents are:

  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Copy of the sponsor’s passport (with personal details and residence stamp)
  • Baby’s passport (with personal information and residence stamp)

When to apply for a new visa

  • The holder has entered Kuwait using their eVisa, left once, and wishes to re-enter the country.
  • The Kuwait eVisa is for a single entry only.
  • Travelers returning to Kuwait must apply for another visa.
  • 90 days have passed. The Kuwait eVisa expires after this time.
  • In this case, a new visa must apply.

Passengers Should remember

When entering Kuwait, it is essential to have the correct and authentic documentation. There have been instances when people are trying to come to countries with fake or fraudulent paperwork, and such individuals can be refused entry or can even arrest. Situations like these can avoid by ensuring that your eVisa for Kuwait is real and valid. It is simple to check that your approved electronic visa for Kuwait is legitimate.

There are several things that you should know about Kuwait Civil Id as well.

Kuwait’s electronic visas digitally linked to the individual’s passport. Upon entering the country, when the passport scanned, the system will recognize that the passport holder has an approved eVisa. Before traveling to Kuwait, the passport holder will also receive a document informing them that their eVisa has approved. This document should keep with them for the duration of their visit.

Visa Extension:

Getting a visa extension in Kuwait is possible, but it is not as straightforward as applying for the original visa. Visitors can apply for a one-month extension of the Kuwait online visa by referring to the Immigration Department before their visa expires. Kuwait visa extension fines must pay in the immigration department in Shuwaikh.

The office is open during regular working hours, and it is possible to pay your fines in advance if you know how long you need to stay.

Things you should know about Kuwait Civil ID
Things you should know about Kuwait Civil ID

To apply for a visa for Kuwait, travelers should complete an online form, give their contact and travel details, answer specific security questions, and pay the Kuwait Visa Fees through the payment platform. Once a Kuwait eVisa form has submitted, the applicant cannot recuperate the information sent.

If there is an error in the application form, this could result in a visa rejection, meaning that the applicant would then have to either apply and pay the full Kuwait visa price again or go to an embassy or consulate to request the visa formally in person.

Any time a new visa required for mistakes made in an application or for a separate traveler to apply, it is necessary to pay the Kuwait visa fees again. All visitors to Kuwait must ensure that they double-check their visa applications before making the request.

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