Link between parallel universe and time runs backward

A parallel Universe is different from the observable Universe. NASA study conducted in Antarctica has unveiled a new indication of a possible parallel universe, where they say that time runs backwards. A recent NASA study conducted in Antarctica has revealed the possibility of a likely globe of parallel universe.

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The low-energy, subatomic neutrinos can pass entirely through Earth due to their low atomic mass, but landmasses stop the higher energy particles. The aforementioned high energy particles initially thought to be coming down in Antarctica, though scientists have now discovered that isn’t the case at all. Instead, ANITA has detected more massive particles, named tau neutrinos, which are coming up from the Earth, towards outer space. According to these findings, NASA scientists believe they may have stumbled upon a parallel universe because these particles found to be travelling reverse in time, something that most people consider to be impossible.


An object can cross through the event horizon of a black hole from the outside, and then fall rapidly to the central region where our understanding of physics breaks down. Since within a black hole the forward light-cone is directed towards the center and the backward light-cone directed outward, it is not even possible to define time-reversal in the usual manner.

Parallel Universe Time runs backwards:

Time reversal is the expected symmetry of physical laws independent of whether time runs forward or back. Since the second law of thermodynamics states that entropy increases as time flow toward the future, in general, the macroscopic Universe does not show symmetry under time reversal.

Parallel universe
Parallel universe

The evidence shows there is a possibility for Mirror Universe but need more study to verify it. Ready to view if there is a parallel universe where everything runs backwards from us.

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