People who smoked before beware of CoronaVirus

Smoking is associated with a significant risk of the rise of coronavirus disease, according to a report released by Professor Stanton Glantz of the University’s Tobacco Control Research and Research Center.

CoronaVirus has also shown to increase its severity to those who have already smoked, including smokers and cigarette users.

A new study from the University of San Francisco, California, reports that the risk of death is significantly higher. Vaccine for CoronaVirus step success by Moderna.

Risk of the rise of coronavirus disease

In a meta-analysis of studies that included 11,590 COVID patients, researchers found that among people with the virus, the risk of disease progression in those who currently smoke or previously smoked was nearly double that of non-smokers.

Former smokers also affected by CoronaVirus

They also found that when the disease worsens, current or former smokers had more acute or critical conditions or death. Overall, smoking was associated with almost a doubling of the risk of the disease progressing.

smokers must beware of coronavirus
smokers must beware of coronavirus

The study, which conducted through 19 research articles, found that corona virus spreads worse in 30 percent of smokers compared with 17.6 percent in non-smokers. The study indicates that smokers have a higher risk of corona virus infection than non-smokers.

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