Peter Kay made his TV comeback last night after two years

Peter Kay made his TV comeback last night as Comic Relief and Children in Need teamed up with BBC to raise money for charity. The comedian, 46, was last seen on TV after the second series of Car Share ended in May 2018, and viewers have been able to see repeats of Peter Kay’s Comedy Shuffle.

Watch: A Much Awaited Come Back of Peter Kay

Peter Kay left Big Night In fans very concerned last night with his first TV appearance after two years out of the spotlight. Tonight’s program organized by the BBC, Children In Need, and Comic Relief to lift the nation’s spirits and raise money for those hardest hit by the COVID-19 outbreak. The three-hour show saw £27million raised for NHS and other charities, with the Government offering to match every pound donated by members of the public.

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Peter was wearing sunglasses as he ate an ice lolly in his garden, covering his head with a hat. He said: “15 years ago I sketched Comic Relief called Is This The Way To Amarillo and I never imagined that it would go down so well and make everyone happy. And I thought, what a perfect time to recreate it again. So we’ve asked a lot of you to film yourselves and send it in and listen if you can help tonight there’s a number on the screen. If you can’t, then don’t worry about it. You’ve got enough going on. But take care and enjoy yourselves in Is This The Way To Amarillo?”Lots of love to you all.”

Peter kay
Peter kay

However, viewers were worried that he didn’t seem like himself, but hoped that he was OK. One tweeted: “I’m worried about how unwell Peter Kay looked on #TheBigNightIn.” Another added: “Peter Kay didn’t look or sound well on the Tele then didn’t he. Sad to see!”However, other viewers were thrilled to see him as they rushed to social media to share their excitement.Another Big Night In viewer added: “New version of Amarillo with all the NHS staff and key workers in the background was a genius idea.

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