Phytosalt, A healthy invention by South Korean company

A Korean based company, PhytoCo invented ‘phytosalt’ from Salicornia plant, also known as sea asparagus. According to the company, Phytosalt is free from microplastics and have low sodium concentration.

The PhytoCo focuses mainly on the people who are more concerned about their health. The salt generated from Salicornia consists of ingredients other than sodium chloride.

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Magnesium chloride, Potassium chloride, and Calcium chloride are the other salts present in it, and glutamic acid, which is an excitatory neurotransmitter, is also a part of Phytosalt. Glutamic acid is a non-essential mineral for human beings as it is an auto-generated in our body.

The world is more concerned about their health maintenance after the emergence of the deadly virus. The best part of the Phytosalt is that it reduces 20 percent of the sodium intake in our body. And that will be a relief for salt lovers who have high blood pressure.

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Furthermore, the cell membrane of sea asparagus can filter out microplastics in seawater, thus providing 100 percent microplastic free salt, whereas sea salt embeds hormones and microplastics with it, and common salt contains 99 percent of sodium chloride which will increase blood pressure.

Salicornia or Sea Asparagus
Salicornia or Sea Asparagus

The customers will never have to compromise the original salty taste, as Phytosalt resembles common salt in terms of taste also. The South Korean company has also launched a superfast ingredient Phytomeal that it claims will reduce body fat.

The idea of extracting salt from the Salicornia plant was also put forward by Andhra Pradesh, an Indian state. However, the PhytoCo developed the plant-based product successfully for the first time. The company also received the Startup SG Award for ‘Phytosalt’ from the Singapore Government before the official launch.

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