Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Exclusives: Leonardo DiCaprio to replace Johnny Depp?

Pirates of the Caribbean 6 is indubitably one of the most awaited segment among many of us. Of late the controversies regarding domestic violence imposed over Johnny Depp has deterred many directors from including the actor in their upcoming movies. Hence the upcoming segment in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ is left as a huge question mark without Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. Of late, Margot Robbie was appointed to start the role as Jack Sparrow. But something is brewing up since the name of Leonardo DiCaprio was introduced to the cast and crew of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6’. Is it true? Will Leonardo DiCaprio replace Johnny Depp? Let’s find out!

After losing his libel case against the Sun in the UK where he’s now legally recognized as a wife beater and the recent The Hollywood Reporter article where Industry insiders have described him as toxic, it’s unsurprising Disney has now blocked Johnny Depp from even making a cameo in the upcoming blockbuster sequel. Many believe that if at all Jack Sparrow the titular character is to be replaced, it has to be done by someone of equal or more stardom. Obviously, the fingers were pointed at DiCaprio.

Pirates of the Caribbean 6
Pirates of the Caribbean 6

But the information seems to be less consolidated, probably a fan’s surmise. However, the option seems quiet acceptable.

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Pirates of the Caribbean 6 shall see Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack Sparrow!

But the Irony lies in the fact that Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio have worked together before. In the 1990s the pair appeared in the film What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and they haven’t liked each other since. According to Woman’s Day Magazine, the two have been at odds for over 25 years after Depp grew jealous of Leo’s talent and felt threatened.

Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow
Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow

“It only made matters worse when Leo was nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar and Johnny didn’t even get a look in,” an insider explained. The magazine argued that after Depp’s legal battle against a British tabloid revealed that he’d apparently nicknamed DiCaprio “pumpkin-head” at one point, it’s gotten worse. “As Leo became more famous, his rift was forgotten — but not from Johnny’s side. Over the years, he has refused to watch Leo’s films and made it really awkward for all their mutual friends.” The source concluded, “Leo’s reputation is much more powerful than Johnny’s now.”

Well, a proper official confirmation hasn’t made yet. The world awaits for a positive announcement. Let’s stay tuned!

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