Place your ORDER NOW: “ZOA” by Dwayne Johnson to be launched in a week!

Dwayne Johnson and his entrepreneur life is about to take a glorious turn with his new venture! His brand new energy drink ZOA, has begun its countdown for the official launch and his fans are super excited for this.

The pristine edition of energy drink is getting ready for its sale in a week and now Dwayne Johnson has come up with yet another announcement concerning the launch of his product. On March 1st 2021, the product will be officially out for sale and the consumers are now provided with a golden chance to pre-order their personal drinks from now on.

“Grateful and honored to create and deliver for you,” says Dwayne Johnson!

“Countdown is ON – IN 7 DAYS the first cans of @zoaenergy will make their way to you. On MARCH 1ST go to ZoaEnergy.Com to place your order!!! Grateful and honored to create and deliver for you,” posted the actor.

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Considering the quality of the product, ZOA is made from natural caffeine, superfoods, and added vitamins and electrolytes. It provides positive, sustained energy with immune system support. Perfect for everything from your pre-workout drink, to a feel-good afternoon pick-up.

dwayne johnson, the entrepreneur of zoa energy
dwayne johnson, the entrepreneur of zoa energy

Launching along with his long-time business partners Dany Garcia, Dave Rienzi, and managing partner at Juggernaut Capital, John Shulman. ZOA is expected to be the first clean and healthy product in the energy drinks aisle made with immunity-boosting superfood ingredients, including turmeric, camu camu, and acerola.

Also, ZOA is free from preservatives, artificial ingredients, and additives, according to the company, and each 16-ounce can contains 100% vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, the essential vitamin D, in addition to a clean blend of green tea and green unroasted coffee, electrolytes, and amino acids.

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