Plane Crash In Kerala, 16 Death Confirmed

Air India Flight Crashed In Kerala

Air India express plain crashed at the south Indian state, Kerala today, at 7.38 PM IS. The plane skid of the runway and break into two pieces while attempting to land at Karipur international airport in the district of Kozhikode.

Air India Express flight IX 1344 operated by B737 aircraft from Dubai to Calicut was flying with one piolet and one co-pilot along with five cabin crew and 191 passengers. The cockpit and the front portion of the plane were completely smashed in the accident. The pilot and co-pilot were dead in the spot. 16 death are reported so far.

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The runway of the Kozhikode international airport is in the tabletop model, and a similar accident occurred in the Mangalapuram international airport, which also has the tabletop runway. There aren’t any reports of the fire that are sited in the location, which is a great consolation. The flight’s front side was split into two pieces after it crashed at a valley near the runway. Fire force and security officers have begun rescue operations. The plane was landed amid the heavy rainfall. It’s said that the airbus was fell from a height of 30 feet above the runway in the diving position. The water-filled track makes the piolet lost his control, and the plane immediately separated into two after that.

According to the official site of Air India, the flight IX 1344 was The plane on the mission for the repatriation flights operated by the Indian government to bring back citizens stranded abroad due to Covid-19 travel restrictions.

Plane Crash In Kerala
Plane Crash In Kerala

Prime minister Narendra Modi, Home minister Amit sha, and other national and international leaders tweeted regarding the plane crash.

“Air India Express flight IX 1344 operated by B737 aircraft from Dubai to Calicut overshot runway at Kozhikode at 1941 hrs tonight. No fire reported at the time of landing,” the DGCA statement said

“Have also directed the officials to make necessary arrangements for rescue and medical support,” Pinarayi Vijayan chief minister of Kerala said in a tweet.

“Pained by the plane accident in Kozhikode. My thoughts are with those who lost their loved ones. May the injured recover at the earliest,” Modi wrote on Twitter.

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