Playing Our Way through Stranger Things

Netflix is playing a considerable deal into the risky market. It is coming up with a Stranger Things Mobile Game most probably by the end of this year or early next year.

The game is for Android and iOS mobile phones. The release date is in 2020. The style of the play will be close to ’80s morning cartoon. Netflix will be working with the famous Finnish Dev, Next Game company. The game will supposedly be a little different from the third season of Stranger Things 3.

Next Game developers tell us that will be intense and hardcore according to the basic plot of the series showcasing friendship, companionship, and the incredible supernatural powers. All this will be brought in the sizable small game.

Netflix made it clear to it’s a massive audience that it would be free to play the game, location-based RPG. Its main motive would be to explore the alternate dimensions that exist parallel to our world and is actually in our control. The game would require the use of Goole Maps integration and would be played live along with other fans.

netflix stranger things
netflix stranger things

Netflix had made an appearance on their first keynote gaming index event, the E3 on this Wednesday.

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But in the public eye, the game is a little too drastically similar to Niantic developers game PokemonGo. This game also requires an active status and use of Google Maps to run around places in search of the creatures.

The CEO of Next games, Teemu Huuhtanen, has also looked over the making of other location-based games. They had also come up with a similar game in recent past named Walking Dead, our world in which you had to fight zombies in unusual and random places. They had also brought the other AP Game called Harry Potter Wizard Unite. Although none of them was as famous as PokemonGo. The season three of Stranger Things is being released on 4th July, and the fans are both waiting for the season and the game.

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