Dwayne Johnson aka “The Rock” decides to postpone the PR3 launch

Out of respect for Jacob Blake and his family, Dwayne Johnson announced the PR3 launch will be postponed. The PR3 (or Project Rock 3) would be their third collaboration in training shoes. Ever since their first time in 2016, they have managed to sell the first two iterations successfully.

PR3 Launch: Watch Dwayne Johnson’s Facebook Video

Dwayne announced the news of postponing the launch of PR3 through a Twitter post. The decision to reschedule the launch is to show respect to Jacob Blake and his family. 


Dwayne said it is very saddening news and he mentioned the cruelty faced by Blake. He wrote “Out of respect for Jacob Blake & his family we’ll postpone our Project Rock Underarmour PR3 launch today. I’ll keep you posted on our relaunch date.”   “Shot 7xs. In the back. In front of his kids. There is no progress without humanity.”

Many celebrities have shown concern over the Kenosha incident. 

Dwayne has already shared news about PR3 shoes through Instagram. “Next evolution of badass training shoe arrives THIS THURSDAY. I’ve been working on these for a year and pumped to deliver my NEW PR3s.” he wrote on Instagram


He posted another 44 second video on facebook of his working out wearing the new PR3s. This was the first footage of the anticipated PR3. He wrote on facebook “We progress, we raise the bar and we kick ass – together. Excited to give you a sneak peek – for the first time ever, The Official Project Rock PR3’s. Gym testing them out to the bone because when it meets my standards – it’s ready for YOU. Under Armour’s 1 selling shoe and my best training shoe to date.”

The launch was scheduled today and the new relaunch date has not yet been announced. He promised to update the new launch date for the PR3. 

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