Did Trump’s Personal attorney Rudy Giuliani’s Covid-19 results really get serious?

President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani has tested positive for COVID-19 as announced on Sunday. Giuliani was admitted to Georgetown University Hospital on Sunday as per the sources. Trump wrote on Twitter, “Get better Rudy, we will carry on.” Giuliani himself has posted on Twitter that he was tested positive and that is getting great care and feeling good though it is not clear when he got himself tested positive for the virus.

The former mayor of New York has been traversing the country to battlefront states, leading Trump’s long-shot legal battle to flip the results of the 2020 presidential election and he was seen repeatedly disregarding the public health guidelines, by appearing mask-less in crowded hotel ballrooms, state capitols and also an indoor news conferences in the recent weeks. He was even spotted shaking hands and hugging and taking pictures with people without wearing a mask, most of the other people in the indoor settings were also not wearing masks. Health measures were totally ignored.

No Healthcare measures taken

Trump's Twitter account permanently suspended

He was most recently seen in Atlanta’s Georgia Capitol on Thursday to attend the Georgia State Senate hearing on the November election. During the break he removed the mask he was wearing at that point ,and took pictures with supporters. He had traveled to Michigan on Wednesday to attend an event which had lasted four and a half hours. He was seen mask-less as he was pushing misleading claims that the election was stolen from Trump. At the beginning of the week Giuliani was at an Arizona meeting with some GOP members to discuss that the election was fraudulent.

Hours before Trump announced his diagnosis, Giuliani was interviewed on Fox News via satellite.The Trump campaign said in a statement late Sunday night that Giuliani tested negative twice “immediately preceding his trip to Arizona, Michigan, and Georgia” last week. The campaign added that Giuliani did not experience any symptoms or test positive for Covid-19 until more than 48 hours after his return.

Age matters too

The 76-year-old mayor is considered at high risk for complications from the corona-virus due to his age.Giuliani has been traveling with Trump campaign attorney Jenna Ellis, who has appeared at his side at all of the events about the 2020 election in the last week.Ellis on Sunday tweeted out “prayers for Mayor @Rudy-Giuliani” and called him a “tough warrior.” She vowed the President’s legal team will continue its efforts to overturn the election results.

Guiliani’s son Andrew who is also a White House staff was also tested positive for Covid-19 after attending Trump’s campaign legal team news conference with his father in Washing DC. Andrew has tweeted on Sunday night that his father is resting and getting great care and feeling well. The former mayor is the latest person in the President’s sphere to contract the virus. In recent months The President, first lady Melania Trump,both his sons Donald Jr and Barron,his chief of staff have also tested positive.

Georgia Democratic state senator Elena Parent, who attended the hearing at the Georgia Capitol on Thursday with Giuliani, told that Giuliani and his team “willingly endangered all of us to pander to Trump.”It was reckless and irresponsible for the Georgia Senate Republicans to hold an in-person hearing without requiring masks and social distancing during a pandemic. Clearly the COVID risk from Giuliani and team, who have been attending hearings mask-less all around the country, was high and they willingly endangered all of us to pander to Trump,” Parent said in a statement on Sunday.She added, “Mayor Giuliani’s blatant disregard for public safety measures in this pandemic is irresponsible and puts Georgians in danger.”

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