“President Trump fomented an insurrectionist mob and completely unfit to remain in office,” tweets Gabriel Noronha

In a statement posted to Twitter that seems to be more fitting for a dumb undemocratic ruler who is defending his position also in an undemocratic way in a failed state overseas, Gabriel Noronha, who is a spokesman for the senior policy adviser to the Secretary of State, blasted the U.S. president, for inciting armed political rebels who attacked the Capitol and laid blockade to it for hours on Wednesday.

Trump must go

In his tweet Noronha said, ”President Trump fomented an insurrectionist mob that attacked the Capitol today,” Noronha wrote. “He continues to take every opportunity to obstruct the peaceful transfer of power.

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These actions threaten our democracy and our Republic. Trump is entirely unfit to remain in office, and needs to go.” Plenty of former officials who served under President Donald Trump have also slammed him on Wednesday after his supporters violently attacking the U.S. Capitol. Now, a current administration official has checked in with boiling disapproval of his own, which has appeared in the tweet.

Trump slammed by Noronha

Numerous staffers, including Melania Trump chief of staff Stephanie Grisham, have resigned in response to Wednesday’s events. Others are reportedly considering following suit. However, Noronha has not given any indication as to whether he will remain in his post, but others in the administration have already walked away. 

another tweet by Noronha

In a previous tweet Noronha had mentioned that the loyalties of all the citizens must defend the constitution and not to any man or political party. apparently the riots took place on Wednesday as people were provoked and it shows Trumps undemocratic way of tyranny.

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