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    President Trump’s twitter account back again ! What twitter said about Trump’s 1 new tweet

    Earlier on Wednesday with Trump’s offending tweets which were supposed to be deleted which in fact has led to the riots and siege of the Capitol building in Washington D.C the Twitter had locked his account and announced a suspension of the same for 12 hours. A Twitter spokesperson has confirmed with Tech Crunch this morning that Trump has deleted three tweets that led to the temporary suspension of this account last night. It was informed by Twitter that any further violation of its rules could result in an actual permanent account suspension for Trump.

    The previous day, Trumped directed a crowd of his supporters who had gathered for a “Stop the Steal” rally near the White House to march toward Congress. That event turned into a violent riot that disrupted lawmakers’ efforts to certify election results, operated havoc within the building and left at least five people dead. As the chaos unwinded, Trump was found encouraging the rioters in a video posted to Twitter, telling them they were “special” and “we love you.”

    Trump’s twitter posts led to the riots

    After yesterday’s video, Twitter locked Trump’s account and required him to delete a handful of tweets before having his access restored. Facebook later froze the president’s account for the remainder of his time in office. Trump is now on very thin ice with Twitter, the company said it may suspend his account permanently if he breaks the rules again. President Trump has had quite a few of these walk-back moments during his time in office, usually after crossing a line that makes even members of his own party uncomfortable. Yesterday certainly fit the bill and even resulted in rare consequences from the social networks he relies on to communicate.

    However the President’s account also still bears the warning that “this Tweet is no longer available because it violated the Twitter Rules.” Facebook, meanwhile, has taken the opposite action, altogether banning Trump from its platform, for “at least the next two weeks.” Trump’s ability to maintain his favourite platform will hinge on whether Twitter determines that he has crossed the line one final time. Yesterday’s action marked a shift for Twitter, but there remains a major question around his status in the remaining two weeks of his presidential term.

    It’s been a long couple of days for the country, but President Trump only had to wait 12 hours before returning to his social network of choice. In a strange scripted three minute speech, the president denounced the “heinous attack” on the Capitol. “The demonstrators who infiltrated the Capitol have defiled the seat of American democracy,” Trump said, warning the individuals involved that they will “pay.”

    In the new video, Trump seemed to be aware that he’d gone too far. After exploring “every legal avenue” to stay in power, he backed away from a months-long crusade to override the will of American voters. Of course, it’s completely possible and even likely that he’ll reverse course, sow more election misinformation and resume his dangerous quest to undermine President-elect Joe Biden’s victory. Trump also appeared to concede his loss for the first time, claiming that he will willingly leave office on January 20. “My focus now turns to ensure a smooth, orderly and seamless transition of power,” Trump said.

    In his new tweet, after the comeback, he seems to be in equilibrium and trying to support people who had voted for him.

    Trump’s new tweet after the comeback
    Smitha Sarath
    Smitha Sarath
    Smitha Sarath is a science graduate and a former employee of Allianz Insurance UK as an assistant underwriter. She is very passionate about writing articles and news for online media.

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