Project Free TV

Project free tv an online platform that involves an act of piracy in other words an illegal website where one can stream movies and TV shows. A network agent that monetizes their illegal activity by pirating and making it a lucrative business.  It mainly specializes in TV shows from different genres.  

Piracy has represented an enormous challenge to intellectual property rights ever since internet access became commonplace. The first step in digital piracy is securing an illegal copy of a movie or TV episode. Such a website is Project Free TV., a website that is well designed in hosting directories and indexed file listing of the films and TV series.

Such pirated content websites are extremely attractive to their users who through search engines and social networks upload the illegal content for its users in an unlimited manner. Hence using and viewing unauthorized content is not easy, but free which and makes the user san the legal websites and entertainment industry. And this in return allows these cybercriminals to reap a great profit, causing multi-million dollar losses to the industries. However, in this article, we will focus on security and give you information to avoid dangers related to Projectfreetv.

What is Projectfreetv?

Projectfreetv is an illegitimate movie and TV show streaming sites that offer thousands of movies and shows to watch. Hence being illicit the provided video content would be copyrighted and illegal to view. 

Moreover, due to its felony, the site needs to change its domain name several times. And a number of users have reported that they got tricked with fake Flash Player updater or other popups. While some complain that they have been asked for personal details while suing ProjectfreeTV.

Is it safe to use Project Free TV?

As discussed above being a pirated website one should always pay attention to the piracy-related concerns like these sites popup with ads like intrusive and dangerous ads which once clicked can redirect the user to other malware sites. Which can end you up with fake tech support site, a phishing domain, or simply an infected website.

And being an adware platform is a matter of risk since while downloading the content from this site it will be used to spread adware and browser hijackers. And one can never escape from these annoying ads.

What should one do to remove the Projectfreetv?

Remove the Project support TV from your windows or Eliminate Project Free Tv from the Mac OS X system or remove it from Internet Explorer. 

Latest movies and Web series leaked by  Project Free TV

Within days a recently released movie shows up on the torrent sites, may sometime not yet released films Its big mistake that has plagued the entire film industry. And moreover to talk about Web series is a nerve-racking and thrilling content in the mid of present gen hence making a loss to various legal websites find below the list of web series leaked by Project Free TV website.

2020 Web series leaked

Private Eyes Season 4

Emily in Paris Season 1

Wet Markets Exposed Season 1

The Sister Season 1

Legal and Illegal Website for Project Free TV 

There is always a hidden danger in a pirated content hence one should take a reasonable precaution while surfing for movie websites and some countries have strict litigations that even end up in jail. Hence to provide you with brief knowledge about the various legal website and illegal site alertness we have compiled a list below.


We don’t promote piracy and fully comply with the copyright clauses and advise our users to be very much vigilant by using such illegal websites.

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