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    PUBG: Has Scaled New Heights, Let’s Find Out The Highest Earning ‘PUBG’ Mobile Teams In 2020

    PUBG Mobile has scaled new heights in the last couple of years. From the day of its launch, the rise in mobile gaming witnessed a remarkable surge. Hence who were the top earners for the game 2020? Let’s check it out.

    Online games have become a huge phenomenon in the present world. Has such is PUBG initially started as an online battle royale video game which turned into one of the biggest names in entertainment, which draws participation from college-going students as well as working professionals.

    At the same time, PUBG has also proved to be a viable source of income for esports as PUBG competitions are happening every week or month and they offer a big prize of about 1 Lakh to 10 lakhs for the first prize. Hence many teams have played to compete to the best of their abilities. 

    As 2020 is ending, let’s have a look at the best teams who have made their way as top earners competing in PUBG Mobile esports. 

    The Highest-Earning PUBG Mobile teams of 2020

    Nova Esports
    Nova Esports

    Team – Nova Esports (China)

    Nova esports acquired the top-earning position of 2020 also known by the name of NOVA XQF. The X-Quest F was considered the best PUBG Mobile team in the world due to their consistency in the results. 

    The team won the PEL: S2 and the PEC 2020. Their earning for the year could cross millions of dollars, making them the first side in PUBG mobile esports history to do so.  

    Four Angry Men
    Four Angry Men

    Team – 4 Angry Men (China)

    They are the world’s finest players and the third Chinese team, including 33Svan and Suk. A team that finished 2nd and 3rdd in the first two seasons of the PEL 2020, winning the third season. The team finished third at PMGC 2020, by winning the league stage of the event. In total the team earned 979K USD from the tournament.

    Elite Sports
    Elite Sports

    Team – Elite Esports (China)

    Elite esports, aka ELG, is another Chinese team that earned the second at the PEL: S3. Even though they were out most of the season, the team could reach second. They also reached the fifth-place at the PEC 2020 earning a sum of 610K USD overall. 

    Royal Never Give Up)
    Royal Never Give Up)

    Team- Royal Never Give Up (China)

    Royal Never Give Up (RNG), the Chinese team who started the season by winning the Sharpshooter Cup S3 finished second and fourth in the PEL( Peace Keeper 2020 League 2020) and earned around 462K USD in 2020. 


    Team- Bigetron Red Aliens ( Indonesia) 

    Bigetron Red Aliens (BTR) winning almost all-tournament, the team won the (PMWL 2020 East) PUBG Mobile World League and second in the (PMGC 2020). The BTR could earn around 398K USD in 2020. 

    Sindhu Shivdas
    Sindhu Shivdas
    Sindhu is an MBA graduate worked with Emirates Airline Dubai, a BA literature Graduate

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