PUBG mobile Jungle adventure mode 13, You need to know

PUBG mobile introduces a new Mysterious Jungle mode to Sanhok with new items and Hot Air Balloon and new jumble themed outfits will be made available for players.

PUBG Mobile has finally let out the new Jungle Adventure Mode after weeks of teasing. The new game mode is set in Sanhok, a new map is smaller in comparison to Miramar and Erangel with more tropical features. But the Jungle mode brings a bunch of gameplay additions. It doesn’t come as a different event, the player one who is lucky will get some major advantage and the others will be in classic mode match.

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The Jungle mode will be applicable to only selected players in classic mode and if qualified will get several welfares u get over your enemy. If qualified you can find a jungle adventure tag on the corner of the screen. The new mode doesn’t require any download for play store or google.

Hot Air Balloons:

It’s a new air vehicle added in the map allowing the players to survey the map. Boarding the vehicle the player can launch themselves skyward, once in the skies they will get an advantage from the opponents. And will be able to see the hot air balloon location, once boarded the balloon can fly it into the air and find where the totems are located in the jungle.

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Later the players have the option of landing the balloon in the ground or jumping off and or using their parachute.

Mysterious Jungle Fruit

In the map of Sanhok u can find Mysterious Jungle fruit being scattered all over, once the player consumes he will be granted some advantages. Depending on the luck of the player can experience three positive and one negative buff.


Positive buffs shows the distance of gunshots, foot steps and vehicle sounds, an instant restore of 50% energy, and the location of Air drops.The negative buff is the player may get dizzy and blurry vision.


The Jungle game mode has three types of totems scattered in the map which includes a Power totem that provides new weapons randomly, a strategy totem will provide equipment like grip and granites. Protection Totem will make up health.

Lost Treasure:

The map will also have lost treasure hidden that players can’t find. The players are tasked to find the totem fragments. Collecting seven fragments allows the player to unlock the Summertime Hawalian Shirt.

PUBG mobile is also teasing the next season of the game the 13 theme which will introduce toys and outfits that will resemble Power rangers.

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