PuncherPortal is an Online portal where a parent can experience how virtual training can be just as engaging and effective as classroom training when it’s students-centered.

The spine-chilling and severe impact of Covid-19 has shaken the world to its core. Further as a consequence most of the Governments globally have temporarily closed educational institutions in an attempt to contain the spread of the pandemic. Almost all educational institutions, learners ranging from school going children to postgraduate students, are affected.

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These Nationwide closures are impacting over 91% of the world’s student population. As a substitute, the Government has come up with an e-learning program. Hence many edutech firms have tried to leverage the occasion by offering e-learning modules. Which in return have met an overwhelming response by students. Remote learning seems a viable solution to students during this circumstance which offers convenient on -the- go and affordable access to lessons.

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With so many different ways to define e-learning and the educational approaches that can be taken in this learning environments many schools and colleges have started making use of the same, Hence the same have undertaken by the Sublette County School District # 9.

PuncherPortal Sublette School District# 9 e-Learning

Sublette County School District # 9 is home to five schools: Pinedale High School, Pinedale Middle School, Pinedale Elementary School, Bondurant Elementary School, and Skyline Academy. The local media had nicknamed the school to the “Punchers.” Hence the school is committed to providing a student-centered, 21st learning experience so to facilitate learning for their students in the midst of a pandemic the school has started the E-learning program through their PuncherPortal. Find below the instructions to assist in logging into the app, reading instructions, clicking in the right place, typing in answers, and staying on task.


The educational institutions globally from schools to universities can use the present digital education as a major part of the learning process for all learners in the future. But it’s quite natural that at home kids get off tasks with the distractions for toys etc but thankfully the Puncture portal helps your kid to stay on schedule, keeping the day running smoothly with periodic reminders. As kids learn to work independently, struggles to do school work with the parents are reduced. 

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