Putlocker: Read this before it disappears

Putlocker is an illegitimate hoax site that transgresses copyright copies of movies for streaming purposes. A website that operates under various URLs and domains globally. Even though its origin is from the United Kingdom. The booming adoption of streaming sites is the reason for the high contribution towards the growth fo such as torrent websites.

The rising penetration of the Internet is the crucial factor for the bolstering growth of Piracy, which in turn causes the booming adoption of streaming services in developing countries due to the significant increase in the media and entertainment industry the growth of copyright content online. All these factors are collectively propelling piracy, which brings a considerable loss to film production houses.

One of the biggest downfalls in the entertainment industry is piracy. The internet world is engulfed with illegal websites that promote piracy and offer content of movies, shows, and series through which the entertainment industry earns. The actual number of tickets been sold globally has plummeted, putting the movie makers and theatre owners in a problem.

When a screener leaks recently released film, it tempts the people to seek to the torrent sites for watching the movie instead of buying tickets they can skirt around having to pay nothing.

Unknowing the consequences hidden behind accessing these sites by stealing their financial and personal data. Such a piracy hosting website is Putlockers, an illegal platform of movie streaming.

About Putlocker 

Putlocker was a site that allowed millions of people to stream the latest movies and shows. It had gone live in 2011 in the United Kingdom and grew to receive thousands of visitors. However, this didn’t go much well with the official associates as it was promoting piracy. Since the site was banned way back in 2016, citing piracy claims by Motion Pictures Association of America.

Even though the parent site was shut down for Putlocker, they spring up with their proxies, which offer the mirror image of the website and save the clone mirror for further use. Hence it is not all safe zone to watch movies.

History of Putlockers

Putlocker was started 8 years ago in the United Kingdom with a different domain name. A website with diverge collection of copyright films, soap eras, and TV shows infringed illegally, which captured the attention of the public globally. Hence  Putlockers skyrocketed in the field of pirated movies. As per Alexa.com, a website that provides statistics about sites on the internet reports, Putlocker.com has a global rank of 15,763 with a page viewer of 1.5 page views per visitor. With every user spending 2.0 minutes on the site.

Why should you avoid downloading Putlockers?

Has mentioned above, is an illegal movie streaming site. And streaming the illegal content is a punishable act; hence you are likely to be in legal trouble; therefore, if you’re visiting such websites, you unwittingly support the illegitimate business.

And as per the Cinematograph Act 1957, a statute for all copyrights related laws if a person found recording a video against the law can face a jail term for three years. This punishment can apply to the one who downloads the movie. So its better to be away from such illegal websites.

Illicit Categories of Putlockers

The incessant and perpetual popularity of such websites has helped them in strengthening more and more in the field of digital media hence Putlocker provides a variant category such as-

  • Hollywood Movies in Hindi
  • Hollywood Movies
  • Bollywood Movies
  • Tamil Movies
  • Tamil A-Z Dubbed Movies
  • Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movies
  • Telegu Movies
  • Web series 
  • Drama
  • Comedy
  • Telegu Movies

The Illegal Hyperlinks of Putlockers 2020

Putlocker is ill-famed for leaking a vast content of movies from different languages, which is an illegal act. However, being a piracy site, the Government has banned such sites as Putlocker. However, they keep creating illicit links.

Recently leaked 2020 movies by Putlocker

In the Putlocker website, one can find an extensive library of films. Periodically uploading new releases which in return affect the film industry globally.

  • Lal Kaaptan 
  • Ujda Chaman
  • The Sky is Pink
  • Joker
  • Romeo Akbar Walter
  • PM Narendra Modi
  • Dream Girl 
  • Chichore

Primary Legal Alternatives of Putlocker 2020?

Snag films

Snag film is US-based launched by Ted Leonis in 2008, is a free streaming service with thousands of movies in their catalog. The site predominantly holds documentaries and Independent films from Hollywood, Bollywood, African, Spanish, French, and more.

It also boosts a wide variety of genres that you rarely find in other websites. Snag also allows users to choose free and premium content with a free account that will enable users to thousands of TV shows. Hence select Snagfilms for hassle-free watching. 


Yidio is a content assemblage site that sources links to content found on other websites. If you want to stream contents of Netflix, Amazon, and other legal popular sites you can find in Yidio account no need to no need to access each site solely all under one roof. It offers both free and premium subscriptions. 

Additionally, you can access an extensive collection of movies and TV shows from Hollywood, Bollywood and more.


Youtube is jam-packed with content creators, vloggers and even original content. It’s full of the mark, and you can also find a variety of television shows and cartoons. You can also find uploaded public domain movies, independent films, and also almost all the television channel upload their latest trailer of films and unique content.

There is no shortage of content to watch as for which it is one of the most visited websites in the world, providing premium subscription too, which could pave you to more content.


Netflix is one of the most popular online content providers. A California based media distributor established in 1997 offers a wide variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, anime, documentaries, and more. A site where you can watch as much as you want, without a single ad. Some of the popular shows in Netlfix are The Crown Money Heist, Peaky Blinders, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Door Ke Darshan, and Freinds.

Movies Found Online

Movies Found Online website is a mixture of movies, documentaries, and short films. But to be on the flip side it includes a lot of pop-up ads. And also to be noted that the content hosted is taken from other sites, this website embeds videos from other video streaming sites, providing its users to find an appropriate place to find content. Altogether the website has a limited selection of contents.but still acts as the main source to find titles.

The illegal and pirated websites, which are not safe for streaming. For your reference, catch up on the list below.

Frequently Asked Questions About Extra Movies 2020 site?

Is the website secure to download films?

Since Putlocker is well known as an illegal website, there are no security measures taken by the site, and Hackers can effortlessly hack the user’s operating system. At the same malware can quickly sketch your device and confidential. There is no guarantee for its encryption, so downloading films from such site can create you hurdles than advantages.

Does Putlockers offer a good quality screen to watch?

Putlocker provides second rate content with a CAM quality. The video quality gravitates to take a backseat. The original condition may not hold up in purloined copies of the film because these paths lead to a loss of quality due to compression.

Why is Putlocker not working in my country?

By now, you could have got a brief idea of why the Government has put a strict ban on the Putlocker website. Even Google has taken several rigorous steps to filter copyright infringement and penalize torrent websites. Hence sites like Putlocker won’t work in some countries as reproduction and distribution of licensed content are transgressions.

Is Putlocker a loose platform to watch?

There is no guarantee that Putlocker is a safe zone to download movies as we explained the various cons above. Still, its subscription-free. The user doesn’t need to spend a penny on it, but it’s better to be safe than being unpaid. The platform is completely decrypted.

Is Putlocker worth the time?

Most of the bootleg versions have entires scenes missing with a fuzzy picture. The sound system is too bad. Pirated films are cheap or free, but at the same time, you lose enjoyment, your time going back to such low-quality videos


So this is a brief description of Putlocker, its features, its legality, etc We hope you find it the utmost use to find the free movies and TV shows. And the awareness to be taken while streaming websites for watching movies online.


The views thoughts and information curated in this article are only for our viewers and don’t warrant a 100% accuracy. Its only for informational purposes and not encourage privacy. We advise our customers to watch movies on a proper channel and pay appropriate tribute to watch videos online. We don’t promote any pirated or unlawful content material for anyone.

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