Raised by Wolves will return for Season 2

American fiction drama television series, Raised by Wolves has been charted for season 2. Created by Aaron Guzikowski, the Sci-fi drama premiered through HBO Max on September 3. HBO Max shared on Instagram about the renewal of the series.

“Raised by Wolves” renewed for Season 2

“Sol has provided for us this day. ☀️ Season 2 of Raised by Wolves is coming to HBO Max!” 


Raised By Wolves’ official Instagram Account posted writing “Our next mission is chartered. Raised By WolvesMax will return for Season 2.”


The series revolves around “two androids” tasked to raise human children in a new planet called Kepler-22b after Earth was destroyed by a great war. The humans are divided into two groups on the basis of belief, atheists and believers. A war caused by atheists and believers destroys the Earth and humans travel to another planet called Kepler-22b to survive and to prevent extinction.  Prior to the journey of the humans, one of the believers who later turned to an atheist sent out two androids (father and mother) to the new planet along with 12 human embryos. The androids are programmed to raise children on the virgin planet away from human chaos. 

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The story develops as the humans who depart from the Earth before its destruction reaches the new planet where the androids have already started a colony. The androids succeed to give life to 6 embryos out of the 12. Only one boy remains to live and the other 5 dies due to lack of immunity.

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