Re: Zero Released New Promo For Season 2B

Re: Zero Season 2B Release Date Confirmed

The adventures of Subaru are set to return in a few days, with the new promo promising more perilous adventures and introspective moments within the world of witches. It is clear that the story of Re: Zero cares more about the feelings than the plot. since the plot is dealing with things of higher stakes like the throne competition is a high thing by itself And there are the whole witches and cult problem that rears its head from time to time.

Re: Zero series was a 3 arc show and the main part has been cut because the author wanted it and the production saw as that as an opportunity to finish the anime at a good ending without spoiling the next season or hyping it. the plot that got cut was an unknown attack on rem and crunch fraction who were returning to capital by 2 sins of greed and gluttony and it was so emotional to even me to read it. Crusch would lose her 1 hand and then rem would try saving her but would fail and gluttony would her existence and memory and as for crush, he would eat her memories.

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Re: Zero ended where it could have made a hype for season2 as when Subaru was having chat with Emilia and sharing his experience and difficulties, he reveals his life support to be removed but Emilia would totally deny. This triggers Subaru to run for her, the person most important to him even more than Emilia has been. Rem fans would probably love it as he would find the person he now loves is a sleeping beauty and he would stick a knife in his throat without even thinking how much he achieved In this new life as the person who made it possible is now no more beside him and without her, all his efforts are for nothing.

Re Zero Season 2B
Re Zero Season 2B

But wait this is where Re: Zero season 2 starts, it’s impossible for Subaru to restart now as his save point has changed again and he can no longer go back to the previous save point. His journey to punish the gluttony and bring back rems memory is his mission in season 2 but it’s not just this, So much pain and suffering are waiting for him and he can’t do a thing without rem and you would see him crying and helpless but even though he is walking because he has to save rem and Emilia.

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