5 popular reasons for Trump’s succession in the 2016 election

After the latest tweet of the American president Donald trump against the previous Obama administration, these are the popular reasons that swim on the internet for the succession of Donald Trump in 2016.

Trump administration: Watch his Journey

  1. Expelling the Clinton kin 

According to a Facebook comment, a united states citizen claims that the “There was no way in hell another Clinton would win the oval office. Sorry, not happening. Like the Republicans with Jeb Bush… There will never be another President Bush or Clinton… otherwise, we’d just have to accept that there are two royal families that just hand the presidency back and forth”

  1. Economic Policies 

Even though in the middle of another election, the citizen of the united states they never wanted Obama administration back is due to his poorly regulated economic plans. In an exit poll conducted by a local news channel a citizen claimed

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“He divided us economically while solidifying measures to keep minorities down instead of encouraging them to step up and make the best that they can for themselves, in other words, he gave up on them leading them to give up on themselves. He took no steps in eight years that improved the economy, while unilaterally over-regulating industries putting companies out of business and costing jobs”. While some others claim that “It wasn’t bad. Obama inherited the GFC fallout, the Iraq War 2 debacle, the banking crisis from the previous Bush2 Republican administration. He managed to fix most of the problems and the stock market went up by 100%.”

  1. He was accused of the enrichment of the rivalries of the united states
Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Even after the successful operation of the execution of the head of Al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, he was also criticised for the enrichment of the enemies of the states. Another US Citizen wrote these in quora that “Obama enriched our enemies, Iran and Cuba while they still engaged in human rights abuses and sponsored terrorism. He allowed Russia to annex Crimea and go to war in Ukraine while giving the Ukraine food and blankets to fight with. He was blind when it came to the corrupt activities of his VP in the Ukraine and China, if not blind he was corrupt himself”.

Although Obama maintained a good stature as a leader in the international politics his nation and citizen have the opposite impression about him. 

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