Rebel Wilson’s Epic Weight Loss Journey To 75 Kg

Rebel Wilson And Mayr Method

The pitch-perfect actress Rebel Wilson is on a journey to reach 75 kg, roughly 165 pounds. Wilson has dubbed 2020 as her “year of health” in order to be consistent in her weight-loss journey. She revealed that she had a significant stress eating problem, which was the first thing she tackled. And her secrets to doing it are simple.

“And obviously results speak so much when you get someone amazing results – you know, we talk about Rebel – a lot of people see that and they see the quality of work, working out five days a week, balanced “supplementation and multivitamins” and “recovering well, this includes stretching, sleeping well, making sure you’re not stressed, etc. I think with any type of transformation, you shouldn’t always look at the easiest option, you know, two months is not enough time to be able to change your body.

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My advice is to keep your goals realistic, short, and then achieve them and progress from there. In terms of weight loss, we talk about that high intensity, looking at getting to around that 130 beats per minutes and then trying to burn as many calories as we can with movements that aren’t going to hurt you” Wilson’s personal fitness trainer Jono Castano said to an online media.

According to many sources, Rebel’s weight loss secret is a popular and expensive known method called “Mayr Method”.Based on a simple philosophy of eating mindfully and getting rid of “toxic” food choices, which do not benefit your health. The diet plan followers are asked to give up on habits like lousy junk food, snacking, making lifestyle links, reducing gluten intake, and cutting down on dairy.

Rebel Wilson Vodka Exercise Routine
Rebel Wilson Vodka Exercise Routine

Many celebrities follow an extensive Mayr retreat in an upscale resort, which follows a strict regime during the lockdown. As fancy as this sounds, the diet follows simple food rules and choices which help burn belly fat and achieve a fitter figure. A strong emphasis is laid on improving gut health, which is the root of strengthening digestion and keeping ailments away.

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