Red Velvet’s Irene and Seulgi launching With Brave: “Monster”

“Monster” music video has released on July 6 at 6 pm. At the same time, the album was also available on all streaming platforms.

Red Velvet’s Monster: Watch the Official Video Here

“Monster” is a mediocre rate pop mixer track with a full keyboard, massive bass, and highest dubstep tones. The lyrics signify becoming a monster that dances and worries someone in their desires.

The powerful front fades to show the hidden side of the girls. ‘Feel Good’ if you ever did hear one.

Lyrics Express

The girl’s buzz of the emotion losing yourself and causing yourself a pain in the process. The preppy pop ‘Jelly,’ just as the title states, shows the girls’ precariousness and how jealous they can get from time to time.

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Seulgi’s fragile slow jam ‘Uncover’ ties both the good and the bad together to create the perfect ending for this sub unit’s appearance. The dreamy yet emotional track asks the listener to reveal themselves and listen to what their heart is telling them it wants, ultimately taking control of yourself.

The strong debut of two of Korea’s most beautiful female artists showcased the dynamic nature of Irene x Seulgi. They were allowing both of them to showcase their talents to an even more formidable level.

Red Velvet’s Monster
Red Velvet’s Monster

Before Launching 18-hour pause of the music video created confusion among Red Velvet fans. “Please excuse the inconvenience caused by the delay, and thank you for your understanding and support,” the statement expressed.

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