Release and facts: Truths about Netflix’s ‘Rebecca’ revealed!

The movie adaptation of the tantalising novel ‘Rebecca’ by Daphne du Maurie gets streamed in Netflix. The novel known as the’timeless classic’ on its adaptation is seems to enthrall the movie buffs. However how faithful the new movie ‘Rebecca’ to the book is something that has to be pondered on.

Watch: Exclusive Facts about ‘Rebecca’

The movie released in Netflix on Wednesday has garnered a wider viewership according to the reviews. The original ‘Rebecca’ novel was published in 1938. It is Gothic novel based on the life of an unnamed young woman who impetuously marries a wealthy widower who’s house is haunted by his late wife’s memory which is discovered by her later.

‘Rebecca’ :Book or Novel the best?

The movie directed by Ben Wheatley has done its best to provide a faithful adaptation of the novel. The recent reviews has acclaimed the movie as a gripping thriller which has made its viewers glued to their sofas. The casting is carried out in a pitch perfect manner where Lilly James appear as Winter and Armie Hammer appears in the role of Maxim de Winter.

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This is not the first time the novel is adapted into a movie. This brings us to yet another factor of the movie which is now centered on the growing debates and comparisons with the Hitchcock version which was released in 1940. It is found that the 2020 version seems to have taken a miniscule resemblance to the 1940 version. However there also exist another faction who has expressed a vehement opposition to the former statement.

Rebecca in Netfix
Rebecca in Netfix

Despite of all these arguments, the 2020 version of’Rebecca’ has gathered appreciations for its locations, cinematography, casting and screenplay.

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