Release Date: The ‘New Chapter’ by Justin Bieber to be out soon!

After the grand success of his docuseries “Seasons”, Justin Bieber is back again with a personal documentary special event on YouTube Originals titled “Justin Bieber: Next Chapter”. The new personal documentary by the singer attempts to chronicle his life in lock down and his personal growth in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic.

Watch Justin Bieber’s New Documentary

The news about the release of a special documentary on the Canadian singer cum Instrumentalist Justin Bieber has been hotly debated for the past few days. And here’s the release date!. The documentary is scheduled to be released on 30th October 2020 via YouTube Originals for free!The announcement of its release was shared by the singer himself through his Official Instagram Page.

The recent confessions made by the singer concerning his married life with Hailey Baldwin was at the center of discussion during the last days.“My relationship with Hailey flourished during the lock down”-said Justin Bieber in his trailer to the new documentary series. This very confession is counted as an unavoidable part of the novel documentary series that is to be released on 30th October.

Justin Bieber's Next Chapter
Justin Bieber’s Next Chapter

The trailer of “Justin Bieber: Next Chapter” which was released on October 23rd began with Bieber sharing how he got to be his best self over the past few months. “There’s a lot more confidence in my relationships. There were times when I was really like, ‘Man is this pain ever gonna go away,'” Justin confides while adding, ” I’d rather get away than to be in this cycle. Now, I just have hope in my relationship with God. That’s not based on fear. It’s not based on my past. It’s based on who I truly am.”

The docuseries slated to be released via YouTube on 30th October 2020 discusses his spiritual growth filled with optimism and good cheer. “It’s growth, and it’s hope. All the things that we all crave as individuals. You are good enough. You don’t have to put on a front. Who you are is enough. People love a happy ending,” Justin stated with fierce determination in his trailer from “Justin Bieber: Next Chapter”.

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