Rick and Morty ‘Anatomy Park’ backlash on this Christmas Eve

Rick and Morty a show depicted on an ill-tempered, alcoholic scientific genius name Rick Sanchez and his teenage grandson, Morty Smith.

Imagine If you are asked to explain the  beseech of “ Rick and Morty.” I propose a deep experiment. 

Just think you grew up with the world’s tragedies being beamed into your living room by 24-hour cable news, You country has been at war for many lifetimes. You graduated college with huge debts and you entered the workforce during the financial crisis. Even imagine the world’s ecological crises weighs on your mind and that you spend as much time on the internet as you do speaking to real human beings.

Rick and Morty
Rick and Morty

If you are such a sort of person then what television show would the show match you?

“ Rick and Morty,” by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon just might be the answer. 

About Rick and Morty 

It’s a show about all Ill-tempered, alcoholic scientific genius named Rick Sanchez and his teenage grandson, Morty Smith. Let’s go for the Christmas Special and Anatomy Park. It’s Christmas Day, and while Jerry tries desperately to impress his parents- who have randomly taken an extra lover into their relationship -Rick recruits Morty for a mission to a microscopic amusement park inside a homeless man dressed as Santa Claus.

This is how Rick and Morty does Christmas Special “Anatomy Park”

Rueben and Rick call him, is a sickly old man who plays host to an amusement park all about anatomy. Rick’s partner is Dr. Xenom Bloom excellently voice acted by John Oliver. Bloom’s sentient amoeba steals every scene and delivers every scene of best jokes. After Rick miniaturizes Morty and sends him into the park itself to see what’s wrong with Reuben to see what wrong with Reuben, poor Morty dinosaurs diseases.

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The story parodies almost every plot beat from Jurassic Park with a healthy dose of Fantastic Voyage and sprinkles in goof about the rides in Anatomy Park which directly references Disney World. Its that reflection on the hypocrisy that makes “ Anatomy Park” so quietly intelligent. No other show around could call out the hypocrisy surrounding an entire holiday using old person threesomes and a giant corpse in a Santa hat. Rick and Morty managed to do just that.

Rick and Morty Season 5 will definitely happen one day probably sometime in 2021. 

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