Rickey Smiley Roared for daughter, ‘Aaryn Smiley’ Shot 3 times

Rickey Smiley Comedian, in Rickey Smiley Morning show today, shared that his daughter, Aaryn Smiley, was shot 3 times on the way to Whataburger.

Rickey Smiley about his daughter


Rickey Smiley’s daughter was in operation Monday following. She shot three times in Houston over the weekend.

Smiley, a Birmingham native, comedian and radio DJ, spoke about the gunfire on his radio program Monday morning. Smiley posted on Twitter and Instagram that his youngest daughter Aaryn was shot while seeking to get food from Whataburger in Houston.

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In a Facebook video, Smiley said his daughter was shot when two people shot at each other. She was trapped in the crossfire, politely waiting at a red light.

Rickey Smiley about Aaryn Smiley: Watch the Story

“I’m just so angry right now,” the host said on his own Rickey Smiley Morning show today, sharing that his daughter, Aaryn Smiley, was hit on the way to Whataburger.

“She’s crying, she’s scared and I can’t get to her,” Smiley added. “I just pray,” he responded. “I’m sitting up here a gunshot victim myself and I’m still up here fighting and praying for the rights of Black people and all of the parents that had to bury their loved ones due to gun violence in our own community by our own people. Absolutely disgusting.”

According to him, 19-year-old Aaryn is doing well after she was shot three times. She is currently expecting surgery at a Houston hospital.

Rickey Smiley daughter shot 3 times
Rickey Smiley daughter shot 3 times

Because of the virus, Rickey has been helpless to find a flight to Houston to hold his sweet daughter. He revealed that he would be driving from Dallas to Houston to be with his daughter.

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