Robbie Amell celebrates the First Birthday of his Little kid

American-Canadian actor Robbie Amell is enjoying today as it is his son’s First Birthday. Amell and his wife Ricci welcomed their child on September 12, 2019. Amell began dating actress Italia Ricci in July 2008. The couple got engaged on August 20, 2014, and married on October 15, 2016. The couples became US citizens in January 2020.

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Amell shared the Birthday news at his Instagram and Twitter accounts. “Today is my son’s first birthday. I’ve learned a lot over the past year… But the thing that became even more clear than it already was, is that my son has an incredible mom”- wrote the Actor on social media.

A few days ago Robbie had come up with an update of the upcoming season of the series“Upload”. In the first season of “Upload,” the series stars Robbie Amell as a computer programmer who dies in a tragic accident and must grow accustomed to his digital heaven. Within a week of the series premiere, Amazon officially renewed the show for a second season, with series creator Greg Daniels back at the helm.

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Amell updates the fans as “I can tell you that we start shooting Season 2 in January back in Vancouver. I know that Greg and the writer’s room are very deep into the second season.

Robbie Amell with his Family
Robbie Amell with his Family

We went in to meet with the writers right before the pandemic; luckily, we got to meet some of the new writers this season. It’s just exciting, I feel like Greg has created such a rich world with so much to explore”.

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