Robert Downey Jr is thrilled for the AGBO Superhero League

Robert Downey Jr, American actor tweeted about the coming AGBO Superhero League.

AGBO Superhero League is a charity fantasy football league hosted by AGBO. AGBO is the film and TV studio founded by Russo brothers and Superhero league is a league where the superhero pits head to head and fantasy football action in order to raise money for the charity of each player’s choice. This year the stake has been upped significantly. AGBO Co-founder Joe Russo also announced that FanDuel, this year’s AGBO presenting partner, donated 1.25 Million Dollars for charity. 

Robert Downey Jr, who recently celebrated his 15th Anniversary, is thrilled to his nerves for the AGBO superher league, which is due in a couple of days.

Watch Robert Downey Jr’s Comments on AGBO Superhero League

Robert Downey Jr wrote on Twitter “And We’re back… let the trash talking begin. The AGBO Superhero League has assembled some of my closest friends and fellow superhero opponents for a great cause.”

Prior to this post, he also wrote another describing this year’s prize of 1 million dollars and he announced the news that this year’s super league is dedicated to Chadwick Boseman. 250,000 Dollars will be donated throughout to charities in the memory of Chadwick Boseman.

“This year, thanks to FanDuel the stakes are higher than ever before! There’s $1 Million in prizes and Footprint Coalition is my charity of choice…But most importantly this season is dedicated to Chadwick Boseman and an additional $250k will be donated throughout to charities in his memory.” he added.

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