Roger Corman Launches ‘Quarantine Film Festival’ for home filmmakers

“The Pope Of Pop Cinema” who has directed over 400 films in the last six decades, comes up with a Short Film Competition. The self-named film festival gives a platform for the upcoming directors and aspirers.

Watch Clips from ‘Quarantine Film Festival’

The legend calls it “the first(and hopefully last) Corman Quarantine Film Festival” on his Instagram Page. He asks to publish the video using the hashtag #CormanChallenge so that he can look through it, and the due date is two weeks from now.

With the cancelling of the Cannes Film Festival 2020 the quarantine film festival introduced by Corman is of great reilef for the movie buffs.

The rules of this competition are simple. The film must be under 2 minutes, and the cast should be within the family inside your house. No outdoor shots or endangering anyone is allowed. It can be shot on your phone and shoot with available light inside your home.

The Legend Roger Corman
The Legend Roger Corman

‘The Godfather of Independent Films’ added: “There will not be any cash prize for the winner, but its director will receive a signed certificate from me as well as the best picture award for the first and last Corman Quarantine Film Festival.” His films include The Masque Of Red Death, The Pit And The Pendulum, Little Shops Of Horrors and more.

Since all short film competitions and events have canceled, it is time to check how people respond to this competition put forward by the master. If accepting, give it your best shot peeps.

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