Rose McGowen says Rape “Survivors are allowed to own their Sexuality & Sensuality”

Rose McGowen has been a prominent figure of #MeToo movement since the campaign came. She became the first women to publicly accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault. She has made a mode for herself at the forefront of the MeToo campaign in Hollywood. Her controversial statement is now a historic revolutionary sweep in the industry. 

”Being hurt sexually steals years from a victim,” Rose McGowen

Recently, Rose McGowen posted on Instagram a video of her taking a shower and along the video. She says that the survivors of sexual assault deserve to own their sexuality and sensuality. It is upto each person how to live their life. Rose claims that her healthy sexuality and sensuality is a part of her recovery, a part of reclaiming what was stolen.

Rose McGowen wrote “A human could walk naked down a street and it’s still not okay to sexually assault them. I posted this video to make the point that survivors are allowed to own their sexuality & sensuality. I can post whatever I feel like. You can post whatever you feel like. Being hurt sexually steals years from a victim.

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Many often don’t feel like they can be sexual or sensual anymore. Some become hyper sexual, both are normal. But it is a sign of recovery that I or anyone posts what they want, if you the viewer feels uncomfortable they can either look away or better yet examine why you feel uncomfortable. 

Rape was done to me. My healthy sexuality and sensuality are part of my recovery, part of reclaiming what was stolen, and pushing those who confuse the two to think differently and not be stereotypes. It’s ok if it’s not your taste or what you think you would do, but I don’t live in your life and you don’t live in mine.

Rose McGowen wrote on Instagram
Rose McGowen wrote on Instagram

Do not shame me or anyone who wishes to live as if they hadn’t been raped. I guarantee many many Instagram models have been molested or assaulted. Do they not deserve to make their living how they see fit? So to you out there misunderstanding, please, for the good of all humans, adjust your thinking, look with fresh eyes. No matter what has been stolen, we can all be free.”

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