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    Russell Wilson congratulates his sister for her achievement, “You’ve earned it”!

    Russell Wilson, the renowned American footballer has always excelled in fulfilling his duty and obligations towards his family. He has constantly evinced his active role as a loving husband to his wife Ciara as well as a father to kids. Recently, Ciara and Her 3 Kids came with something special to cheer Russell Wilson for his games is indeed a proof for how important he is to his family. Such is his family bonding.

    Now, he has come up with his role as an all time caring brother to his sister Anna Wilson. Russell Wilson, being a benevolent brother, had been rooting for his sister Anna Wilson to prove her caliber as the “Defensive Player of the Year” over the past few days. And his effort, love and well as dreams for his sister wasn’t futile. It finally got fructified as she was chosen as the “Defensive Player of the Year.”

    Russell Wilson wishes his sister Anna best
    Russell Wilson wishes his sister Anna best

    Russell Wilson recently took to his Instagram page to congratulate his sister for her pristine achievement.

    Anna Wilson, the sister of Russell Wilson won the “Defensive Player of the Year” title!

    Anna Wilson honored with the title Defense Player of the Year
    Anna Wilson honored with the title Defense Player of the Year

    “Anna Wilson! Defensive Player of the Year!!! You’ve earned it! Wow! Let’s go! Your work ethic, focus, passion, and love for the game have been amazing all year! Congrats Sis,” posted Russell.

    Russell Wilson and Anna Wilson
    Russell Wilson and Anna Wilson

    As far as the history of records achieved by Anna till the date is concerned, she (Seattle, Wash.) has started every game for a Stanford team which ranks ninth nationally in scoring defense, allowing just 53.0 points per game, and fourth in scoring margin with a 25.0 point differential. Wilson is averaging 1.5 steals per game and has held many of the league’s top scorers to single-digit points all season long. The Cardinal headed to the Pac-12 Tournament with the No. 1 seed after securing its 24th Pac-12 regular-season title.

    Anna Wilson shared the Pac-12 Defensive Players of the Year presented by Nextiva with Aari McDonald, who was from ARIZONA. This honor can be considered as a baby step towards her building her own basketball legacy. Way to go!

    Navya Rose
    Navya Rose
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