Salma Hayek on this Hispanic Heritage Month pays tribute to the Iconic ‘La Dona Maria Felix’

Buxom beauty Salma Hayek starred in the iconic La Dona Maria Felix biopic film. Maria Felix was a Mexican actress and singer with a decade long career spanning nearly fifty movies and five countries.

Hayek, 53, played in the iconic biopic of La Dona Maria Felix pays a tribute to the legend by taking to her Instagram to share a post giving a throwback to the legend’s biography on this ongoing Hispanic Heritage Month.

Salma Hayek Tributes for Iconic Maria Felix

The Mexican star captioned the Sep 26th post telling “ While we’re in the Hispanic Heritage Month I would love to share with you my beloved Maria Felix who turned down Hollywood to focus on her career in Europe and Mexico.

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Talking about the Crowned Beauty Queen of Mexica career Salma added, “ She became a superstar and an icon until she died at 88. She worked with the best directors of Europe and Mexico and was the muse of many artists, including Diego Rivera and Agustin Lara( one of the best composers of Mexico) who wrote her the classic “ Maria Bonita”.

“She was also one of the top clients and inspirations to Cartier, who did an entire collection inspired by her and named a watch after her nickname La Dona”.

Salma Hayek
Salma Hayek

The actor Maria Felix, who died at the age of 88, was widely agreed to be the most beautiful face in the history of Mexican cinema. An icon of the golden age in the 1940s ( a period of resurgent national pride).

Each year Hispanic Heritage Month is observed in the U.S., from Sep 15th through Oct.15th, to recognize the important contributions by the Latinos/Hispanics have made to the country. Since this month Hispanic history and culture are honored. 

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