Salma Hayek selfie “I’m just hoping I’m in frame”

Mexican American actress Salma Hayek is always good at grabbing public attention through different kinds of images on social media. The 54-year-old actress shared a different selfie of herself at Instagram. The actress shows an image which doesn’t look like a selfie.

The image shows the actress looking far wearing a red outfit. She looks more beautiful letting her tresses fall over her both shoulders. The actress poses sitting outdoors, in a rocky place as the image shows rocks in the frame.

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The caption says the image is a “selfie taken from the side” view. “Pretending that I’m thinking of something very profound when actually it’s a selfie from the side and I’m just hoping I’m in frame”- Salma wrote.

Recently, the actress shared the importance of Goddess Lekshmi in her life. Salma says that she seeks the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi when she wants to connect with her inner beauty. She shared an image of Goddess Lekshmi and wrote in her caption,

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“When I want to connect with my inner beauty, I start my meditation focusing on the goddess Lakshmi, who in Hinduism represents wealth, fortune, love, beauty, Maya (literally meaning ‘illusion’ or ‘magic’), joy and prosperity. Somehow her image makes me feel joyful, and joy is the greatest door for your inner beauty.”

Salma's selfie
Salma’s selfie

The beautiful Salma will soon be seen in Marvel’s Eternals. She plays Ajak, who is described as the ‘wise and spiritual leader’ of the Eternals, an immortal alien race.

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