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    Sam Heugan’s Dangerous Journey ‘Men In Kilts’ To Explore The World Of The Dead

    Men In Kiltz Episode 4 ‘ Witchcraft and Superstition an endlessly stunning scenery, interviews with quirky specialists like a “ death historian in the March 7 episode. 

    Great Scotland! Sam Heughan, aka 18th- century Highlander Jamie Fraser has been on the road in Men In Kilts since February 14th, 2021.  The Outlander guy takes a deep dive into old superstitions and Witch trials. 

    The half-hour dangerous journey of eight-episode series offers a kind perspective on everything from Sottish clans and the Battle of Culloden to whisky tasting and folk dancing, with Sam And Graham’s witty banter and hijinks leading the way to the middle of dangerous sharks, great killer whales, and even scary large pawns.

    Men In Kilts
    Men In Kilts

    Hence in episode 4 features endlessly stunning scenery, interviews with quirky specialists about superstition and witchcraft, and relevant clips from past seasons of Outlander,  Here the lads share some highlights with the media sources on Sunday, March 7 episode. Sam says “ Scots are extremely superstitious and we have this very dark history, especially around witchcraft. We found out ways they make a witch admit to being a witch. Graham was willing. I guess, volunteer.

    Graham MacTavish says about the episode as “ I’m very superstitious about being in graveyards with Sam Heugan, that’s for sure, as a result of that episode. He did his very best to terrify me.”

    Sam Heughan's 2020 Journey
    Sam Heughan’s 2020 Journey

    Sam Heugan 2021 Journey

    For the Outlander star Heughan, 2021 seems to be a quite favorable year starting with his My Peak Challenge 2021, to his literary masterpiece ‘Clanlands’ and with the launch of his product Sassenah Spirits which could make a remarkable wasp of fans around showering his love and support. Moving to his 2021 movies SARS Red Notice for which the countdown has begun which is supposed to hit the screens on March 12th.

    Sindhu Shivdas
    Sindhu Shivdas
    Sindhu is an MBA graduate worked with Emirates Airline Dubai, a BA literature Graduate

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