Sam Heughan and Ruby Rose on the NEW COVER version of Andy McNab’s novel SAS: Red Notice!

Sam Heughan and Ruby Rose, who play the titular roles in the movie adaptation of Andy McNab’s novel SAS:Red Notice have managed to conquer the new cover version of the paperback as well. Recently, the actor Sam Heughan shared a twitter post announcing the arrival of the new paperback cover version of the novel incorporating the entire cast of the movie on it.

Watch the trailer of SAS: Red Notice below.

”Excited to announce the new cover version of Andy McNab’s explosive novel SAS:Red Notice is now available! The first in the series about Tom Buckingham. Catch the movie on PPV, @skytv and @redbox @amazonbooks,” posted the actor.

Amazon has launched the New Cover version of the novel SAS: Red Notice!

Sam Heughan expressed how greatful and excited he was to see his face on the brand new cover of the exhilarating thriller novel by Andy McNab. Having offered a sneak-peek into the NEW POSTER of SAS: Red Notice, the actor has been rooting for his character named Tom Buckingham in the upcoming adaptation of the novel.

sam heughan and ruby rose in sas red notice
sam heughan and ruby rose in sas red notice

The movie SAS: Red Notice, which is a fair adaptation of the novel titled the same witness the life of a SAS soldier who whisks his partner off to Paris with the intention to propose – but the plan is thwarted when a group of heavily armed mercenaries stop the Eurostar train they’re on under the Channel and hold it hostage to the tune of half a billion pounds.

sas red notice to be released on march 12th
sas red notice to be released on march 12th

A provocative action thriller, the film hurtles from Whitehall’s corridors of power through the English Countryside and the Channel Tunnel, before emerging in Paris and Mallorca. Based on the best selling novel by former SAS operator Andy McNab, SAS: RED NOTICE is an authentic portrayal of an emergency response operation and the singular mindset Tom needs to survive. That psychology enables Tom to dominate the battle space but it may also cost him the only person he has ever loved.

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SAS: Red Notice is an action-packed-psychopath-fuelled thriller and is also appreciated for its stellar cast to boot – with Hobbit actor Andy Serkis, Bulletproof creator Noel Clarke and actress Hannah John-Kamen, who kept us all on the edge of our seats in The Stranger last year, all starring.

The movie shall hit the screen on March 12th 2021. Stay Tuned!

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