Different responses to same Music caught in different Heart

Heart recovery time was significantly different from person to person at the same junctures in the Music. According to a new study, two heart’s can respond very differently to the same piece of Music either by speeding up or slowing down.

Heart responds to Music:

The research revealed that play triggers special effects, a vital first step to developing personalized music prescriptions for common ailments or helping people stay alert or relaxed.

Professor Elaine Chew of the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) said, “Specifically, they measured the time it takes to recover after a heartbeat.

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The rate affects this recovery time, so by keeping that constant, we could assess it’s electrical changes based on an emotional response to the Play.”

“We are interested in the recovery time rather than heart-rate because it linked to the electrical stability and susceptibility to dangerous heart-rhythm disorders. In some people, life-threatening heart-rhythm disorders can trigger by stress. Using Music, we can study, in a low-risk way, how stress alters this recovery period.”

New Study

Music cures stress
Music cures stress

The new research took a different strategy, by inviting three patients with mild failure wanting a pacemaker to a live traditional piano performance that included pieces by Frédéric Chopin and concurrent composer Jonathan Berger. Because all the participants were wearing a pacemaker, their rate could be kept constant during the performance.

The researchers measured the electrical activity of the heart directly from the pacemaker leads before and after 24 different parts of the score where there were stark changes in tempo, volume, or rhythm.

The recovery time, as argued to rate, is connected to its electrical stability and sensitivity to threatening heart rhythm troubles.

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